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Site of Werwocomoco, the Powhatan Capital on the York River 

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In 1610, Thomas Bouldinge arrived at Jamestown with the resupply effort.  Shortly thereafter he moved to Elizabeth Cittie, now Hampton, Virginia.  Before 1624 he married Mary and had one son, William.  In the 1624 Muster, Mary is not listed indicating she may have died.  Thomas and son are in the first muster.  Many Americans trace their lineage back to Thomas and this page is dedicated to sharing information on our common ancestors and their lives. 


Prior to the turn of the 21st century, most people with the surnmame of Bowling (all spellings) believed they descended from Pocahontas, daughter of Wahunsonacock, the paramount chief of the Powhatan nation.  In 2001 the Bolling Family Association began a y-chromosome DNA study to try and define the many Bollings (all spellings) into biological family groups.  In 2020 that study had grown to over 470 men who are from 22 different biological families.  The men in Group 2 trace their lineage back to Thomas Bouldinge. 

The First Four Generations of our  Family Tree in America

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Descendants of Thomas Bouldinge, 1610 Immigrant to Jamestown

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