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Group 2 DNA results


Results for our biological family can be seen by clicking on this link.   What's clear from our results is that we are all closely related and share a common ancestor recently.  Those of you that have 25 or 37 or higher results can calculate the time to most recent common ancestor, but suffice it to say it's within eight or nine generations.


Given what we know about our family from our research efforts over the years including work by John W. Bouldin and Kathy Harbury  both descendants of Col. Thomas Bouldin of Charlotte Co., VA and Cecil Co., MD, I think it's safe to say we all descend from William and Thomasin Nash Boulden of Cecil Co., MD, through one of their children.


One of the questions I receive often is what do the DNA results mean?  How do I interpret them.  The short answer is that since we all math 12/12 and most match 24/25 or higher and 35/37 for those that have expanded their results, we share a common Bouldin ancestor within 4 to 8 generations.  To get the exact distance to MRCA between you and another member of the group, click on the orange TiP button on matches.  This will give you percentage probabilities.  For more information on understanding DNA click here.

Family Heads or Fh in Todd Bolen's book


In May of 1987 Todd Bolen and his sister Lois Bolen Stange published the ground breaking book, The Bolling, Bowlin, and Bolen Family in America Before 1800.  For many years Todd and Lois had been looking for his Bolen ancestor's parents, Henry,  and corresponding with others (over 200) of a like mind throughout America.  Based upon his sources and his own knowledge, Todd arranged all this information in family groups designating Family Heads, Fh and later Family Strings.  In the 1987 publication there were 920 Family Heads or identifiable family groups living in America before 1800.  In 1997 Todd published an update to his earlier book.  It had grown and now contained over 950 Fh and 1250 sources.  He also include an index for spouses and places.


There are 56 pages of Bouldin (all spellings) Family Heads that for String I.  Here are a few to aid you in your research.  Thomas Bouldinge, immigrant on Swan in 1610 is Fh 665.  His son William I is Fh 741.  William II is Fh 910.  Col. Thomas is Fh 678.

To see an index of All Bolling Spouses from Bolling's in America before 1800   click here

Descendants of Thomas Bouldinge, 1610 Immigrant to Jamestown

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